Friday, January 30, 2015

Meet Rossy

Rossy is a very talented and hard worker who has been a great encouragement to everyone at Global Effect. When we first met Rossy, her and her husband were both out of work but very eager to find a new job. They have 2 daughters who they were not able to properly provide for as they lived day to day, not knowing when their next meal would be. Rossy had been a seamstress in the past and really wanted to find a similar job. Global Effect was able to start a sewing coop where Rossy and her friend could work, sewing products that could then be sold in the United States. Since the first day that Rossy was able to work at the coop, she has always gone above and beyond with everything she does.  With the income of her new job, she has been able to add a small room and make improvements to her home, purchase a computer that her daughter needed for school, and simply provide for her family on a day to day basis.
Rossy is a great example of many other people all over the world who are willing to work but simply do not have the chance to do so. At Global Effect, we believe that if we can continue to equip people with the opportunity to work, communities can truly be transformed.

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Meet Geraldo

Just like most people in the Dominican Republic, Geraldo grew up with very little and had no real hope for the future. He was a very skilled craftsman but had no way of using his gifts to make money because he couldn’t afford the supplies to get started. Down on his luck and no way to provide for his family, Geraldo attended a Global Effect micro lending workshop and applied for his first loan. Through his loan, he was able to purchase the necessary materials to build furniture. Geraldo now builds tables, chairs, beds, and many other furniture pieces. He has paid off his first loan and has now received a second loan to purchase a generator. Due to the lack of electricity in his community, he would often have to quit working because he couldn’t use his tools. With his generator, Geraldo is now able to work more consistently and efficiently. Due to the opportunity that Geraldo was given through his loan, he is now able to provide for his family. 

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Meet Carmelo

Carmelo is from a small community called Ranchito located in the Dominican Republic. He grew up in extreme poverty with his family and simply could not find a way out. In 2010, Carmelo attended a men's conference where he gave his life to Christ and has been very involved in his church ever since. A year and a half ago, Global Effect was able to give Carmelo a micro-loan to begin a new business. With his loan, Carmelo purchased land and began growing vegetables. As his business grew, he was able to make enough money to support himself and his family, as well as employ 15 other people. Today, Carmelo is also working for Global Effect and oversees all of the micro-loans in the Dominican Republic. As Carmelo continues to pursue God's plan for his life, he is having a huge impact as a leader in his community.